Dear Traveller,

My name is Claudiu Preda,  I was born in Timisoara, and by the time the Revolution happened in “89 I was almost 15 years old. I graduated in History from Babes-Bolyai University, and one of my very very distant relatives was the Mayor of this city in 1929.

I am an authorized Tour Guide for Romania and I provide Tour Guide services as an independent registered business. I offer sightseeing tours in Timisoara and tailored made excursions around the regions of Banat and Transylvania. My tours and excursions focus on History, Culture, Architecture, Romanian World Heritage sites, and the changes which have occurred in Romania and Banat since the fall of Communism.


Claudiu Preda.


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Prices include only tour guide, translation services. Transport is optional, based on daily availability from transport operator partners, prices may change. Any other services are not included. Payment accepted in cash or bank transfers based on the invoice and the receipt. Asking for your receipt will encourage legally registered business.


Tel & WhatsApp +40745519934


Prin Banat - “Throughout Banat”

Prin Banat is a small team of travel & history lovers that set up an expedition through Banat, bringing back to life the polychromy of Banat Region. Stories almost lost, people and places, wooden churches, and aristocratic residences from the countryside. A team that can be invited to every local, national or international festival about culture, traditions and tourism.



Heritage of Timisoara

One of the largest and one of the most beautiful projects ever made to promote the Heritage of our city. Especially designed by a big hearted team for all of us, to open our hearts towards beauty , history and architecture.  Timisoara is HOT, so please visit us.